Celebrity Dream Cheer Team – Our top 10 ex-cheerleaders who should combine to make a celebrity cheerleading squad!

So many celebrities today used to be cheerleaders! What if we could have a celebrity reunion and make a squad?! Here are the ones who made our celebrity dream team!

Eva Longoria

eva longoria cheerleader

Eva was a cheerleader at Texas A&M University and even served as a National Cheerleader Association staff instructor!

Position on our team – Coach

With her cheer CV, Eva lands the position of head coach of this team! We hope she’ll bring some of the attitude of Gabrielle Solis.

Paula Abdul


Paula began cheerleading at Van Nuys High school in California – then went on to be an LA Lakers cheerleader!

Position on our team – Choreographer

If she Can choreograph for the Jackson’s, she can choreograph for our celebrity cheerleading dream team!

Cameron Diaz


Cheerleader at Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Position on our team – Tumbler

Remember her tricks and flips from Charlie’s Angels! That girls got skills!!!

Sandra Bullock


This Pretty Woman was a cheerleader at Washington Lee High School, Virginia. Here she was also voted ‘Most likely to brighten your day’ – how cute!

Position on our team – Back Spot

Every flyer needs to know you have someone who has your back like Gracie Hart! And if all else fails, just remember to S.I.N.G


fergie cheerleader

This Fergilicious singer began her performing career as a cheerleader at Glen A. Wilson High School in California

Position on Our Team – Base

With feisty Fergie as your base – there’s no way your stunt’s falling! She has abs of steel between her Lovely Lady Lumps, just don’t annoy her or you’ll get told to Shut Up!

Halle Berry


Halle was a cheerleader whilst she attended Bedford High School.

Position on our team – Flyer

We definitely think she would pull some great shapes in the air – plus with her experience as Cat Woman, she’ll always land on her feet!

Miley Cyrus


The once more innocent Miley was a cheerleader in Grade School

Position on our team – the Cheer uh-hum

The girl that gives the rest of us cheerleaders a bad name…

Kendall Jenner


Kendall was a cheerleader at her High School in Chatsworth, California (in the same squad as Jamie Fox’s daughter Corinne).

Position on our team – Socialite

Kendal makes the team for all the people she’d get to our fundraising events and pep rallies!

George Bush

bush cheerleader

The ex US President was once a cheerleader at Yate Phillips academy before attending Yale University.

Position on our Team – The Male Cheerleader

Even though he’s had experience running a country – we don’t think he’s quite cut out for running a cheer squad, but he still made the team.


Madonna cheerleader

Attended and cheered for Rochester Adams High School.

Position on our team – Crazy Cheer Mum

Because no cheerleading squad would be the same without them!

Sammi Cheer x

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