A Cheerleaders Tiara

Cheer Bows – the cheerleaders tiara! These once innocent hair accessories are rapidly changing into something nearly as fierce as the cheerleaders themselves! They’ve been on the heads of cheerleaders since pom-poms have been in their hands! Although the poms have been dropped in the allstar cheerleading world, the bows remain on top of cheerleaders head as though it were their crown.

But Why?

Maybe it’s because it’s near impossible to throw your teammate 20ft in the air, or complete a perfect tumble pass with pom-poms in hand! Or maybe its because with lettering, rhinestones, diamantés, glitter, tick-tock, sublimation, 2inch, 4 inch, fishtail, animal print, logos – the bows can be as unique as a teams uniform, and just as important. A once tiny hair accessory has turned into a large stamp of a squads identity.

Don’t judge a book buy its cover – but what if you could judge a squad by their bow? Could bigger bows mean a bigger team? Could diamantes mean a sparkling performance? Could animal print indicate a squads fierceness?!

If you had to design a bow that represented your team – what would it look like?

Sammi x

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