UK Cheerleading at Worlds 2015

The UK were represented by an array of fantastic teams at this years worlds, all showing off the best of British! My favorites…?

Unity Ruby

This team has some of the most charismatic performers I have ever seen. They shimmied onto the floor and wowed the audience with moves as red hot as the spankies they were wearing. They proved that girl power still exists with their impressive partner stunts and tumbles! Who needs a man anyway?! Not these gals!

Coventry Dynamite

I watched this team perform at Future Cheer nationals in July 2014 and I was so exited for their final worlds performance. They did not disappoint! Their timing, difficulty and creativity (especially loved the paired leg movement at the end of the dance), earned them a top 10 position in a hotly contested category – a triumph for UK cheerleading! I’d also recommend checking out their Instagram page @coventrydynamite for some interesting cameos in their branded glasses! Definitely worth a follow!

Here’s to next years worlds!

Sammi x

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